The Citroen Ami electric car has become two years old! Nevertheless, the license-free and electric car, introduced in 2020, piques people's interest today. Its unusual appearance with removable plastic panels, its backward opening doors, and, most importantly, its modest price.

And, despite being a perplexing item, the Citroen Ami electric car is a success. Citroen reports that over 10,000 units have already been sold, although the Ami was only available for a short time in France and Italy. Furthermore, it should be noted that the unconventional advertising strategy and creative sales techniques (including subscriptions and brands like Fnac or Darty) have reached a new audience, which is not necessarily the same as that of the vintage illegal automobiles.

Citroen is introducing the Ami in Spain, Belgium, and Portugal, boosted by these optimistic results. It will be available in the UK soon (albeit only in the left-hand drive), while Opel has just introduced its equivalent, the Rocks-e, in Germany.

Finally, do not forget about the utility version Citroen Ami Cargo, which was released last year. Considering that the Ami is also an intriguing product for enterprise fleets, this is a useful tool.

In a nutshell, the Citroen Ami is a huge success that may inspire competitors. On the other hand, Renault's Twizy, which had a more appealing but less practical design, was a failure. However, the future Renault 4L electric car, cheaper than the future R5, will also be offered in a utility variant. It should, however, be homologated as a historic automobile and cost more than the Citroen Ami.


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