Ford Motor Company has joined the First Movers Coalition, a worldwide initiative coordinated by the World Economic Forum and the United States Government to build early markets for sustainable technology.

More than 50 businesses from five continents with a combined market value of around 8.5 billion dollars (7.97 billion euros at current exchange rates) have joined forces to help commercialize zero carbon footprint solutions. All three of Ford's stamping plants in the United States currently recycle up to 9 million kg of aluminum per month.

By 2030, Ford intends to purchase at least 10% of "near-zero" carbon steel and aluminum as a minimum. Additionally, the firm aspires to be carbon neutral in all of its transportation, operations, and supply chains. Supply will not be available until at least 2050.

Chris Smith, Ford Director of Government Affairs, explained that as part of the First Movers Coalition, Ford is focused on the environmental effect of its supply chain by using green steel and aluminum.

The First Movers Coalition is a global initiative that harnesses buying power and supply chains to create early markets for clean technologies and is led by the World Economic Forum and the United States Government. @via Green Bookmark.


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