Daimler AG is being renamed Mercedes-Benz Group AG from February 1, 2022. Because of the successful stock market debut of Daimler Truck, the Group has decided to change its name to emphasize its renewed commitment to the automotive industry. Intending to revolutionize automotive manufacture, the precursor firms of Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler united in 1926 to become the world-famous Mercedes-Benz brand, which has since been synonymous with the German automobile industry. Before the two pioneers met in person, they had already presented their ground-breaking innovations independently of one another in 1886, heralding the dawn of the automobile era. With the rebranding of Daimler AG to Mercedes-Benz Group AG, the company's stock market symbol is also changing, from "DAI" to "MBG," as part of the transition. There will be no more adjustments for the benefit of the investors. The shares of Mercedes-Benz Group AG will continue to be traded on the DAX stock index, which is considered Germany's blue-chip index.

"With the change in our corporate name to Mercedes-Benz Group AG, we are reinforcing our renewed strategic focus," says Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG. In doing so, we hope to make it obvious where we believe the heart of our firm lies: in the creation of the most attractive automobiles on the planet. Moreover, the Mercedes star has always represented a promise for the future: the ability to change the present to make it better in the future. "We intend to build on the heritage of our founders by becoming the industry leader in electric mobility and automotive software," says the Mercedes-Benz company.

The rebranding of Daimler AG coincides with the adaptation of the Daimler Mobility AG brand, which will be named as follows: Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG, which operates under the brand Mercedes-Benz Mobility, provides mobility services for passenger vehicles and vans in the areas of financing, leasing, and insurance. The finance and mobility business also enables Mercedes-Benz customers to utilize their cars more freely through rental and subscription models, fleet management, and digital services for charging and paying for their electric and hybrid automobiles.

Upon completing the rebranding of Daimler, the firm will have completed its historic realignment that began last year and was accepted by an overwhelming majority of its shareholders. Daimler Truck Holding AG was officially established as a separate business on December 10, 2021, and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. As a result, the new Mercedes-Benz Group is focussing entirely on its passenger vehicle brands Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-EQ, and Mercedes-Viano and vans and trucks. With its concentration on manufacturing and ownership of the most valuable luxury vehicle brand globally, the Group will be able to realize its economic potential in the future fully, and better use its competitive advantages. Because of the reorganization of the original Daimler Group, the Mercedes-Benz Group still has minority ownership of 35 percent in Daimler Truck Holding AG, with about 5 percent of that holding being held in the company's pension assets.

In the automobile industry, Mercedes-Benz Group AG is one of the most successful firms in the world. Through its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz AG, the Group is one of the world's top providers of premium and luxury automobiles and vans. Financial services, leasing, automobile subscriptions and rentals, fleet management, digital services for charging and payment, insurance brokerage, as well as new mobility services are all provided by Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG. The car was invented in 1886 by the company's founders, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, who created history in the process. As a pioneer in automotive engineering, Mercedes-Benz sees creating the future of transportation safely and sustainably as both a motivator and a duty to which it is committed. Because of this, the company's focus remains on innovative and environmentally friendly technology and safe and outstanding automobiles that fascinate and excite their drivers. Mercedes-Benz continues to make systematic investments in developing efficient powertrains and is charting the route for a future powered entirely by electricity. The three-pointed star represents the company's commitment to achieving its objective of being all-electric if and when market conditions permit. The world's most prestigious luxury automobile brand is speeding its transition from electric-first to electric-only mode, aiming for an emissions-free and software-driven future. As part of its commitment to fulfilling its social and environmental responsibilities, Mercedes-Benz concentrates its efforts on intelligent connectivity of its electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and new mobility concepts. Mercedes-Benz sees this as both an aspiration and an obligation to fulfill its social and environmental responsibilities.

As a global company, Mercedes-Benz sells its automobiles and provides services in practically every nation on the planet. Mercedes-Benz has manufacturing sites in Europe and North and Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Mercedes-Benz Mobility includes Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-EQ, Mercedes me, Mercedes-Benz Bank, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, and Athlon, as well as the brands of Mercedes-Benz Mobility: Mercedes-Benz Bank, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, and Athlon. Mercedes-Benz Mobility also includes Mercedes-Benz Bank, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, and Athlon. The company's stock is traded on the Frankfurt and Stuttgart stock markets, among other places (ticker symbol MBG). In 2020, the Group will have around 288,500 people and will have sold 2.8 million automobiles. Sales for the Group totaled 154.3 billion euros, with a profit after tax of 6.6 billion euros.


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