We do not have to live in dread of money, but most of us do. Our parents and grandparents taught us a way of life, but there is another way to live. When we are at peace with money, we are at ease with the future, and when we are confident about the future, we make better choices and live more cheerfully.

When you get money, express thanks. Whenever you get money – whether it is a salary, a present from a loved one, an award or scholarship, or even a dollar you discover on the street - express thanks and appreciation intentionally and truly. Practice the skill of graciously accepting money without bitterness or hesitancy.

Concentrate on having an acceptable amount of money. Human nature drives us always to seek out what is next, what we desire or need more, and what we do not already possess. However, if you want to alleviate financial stress in your life, concentrating on the goodness and plenty all around you is critical! So spend some time focusing on having enough. It is difficult to flourish while you are worried and focused on lack, so concentrate on having what you need to survive. You will automatically begin to relax around the money in your life and welcome more prosperity to flow your way.

Give money cheerfully and liberally. From paying your bills to compensating a repair person who has visited your home, from paying for groceries to purchasing a gift for a friend, being in the flow of happy money " means not only happily receiving money and being with the money you have. It also means happily letting money flow from you with joy and gratitude when the time is right.

You may begin creating a more peaceful and joyful financial future today by altering your relationship with money. Reduce your stress, increase your enjoyment, and your life will automatically attract more possibilities for happy money, happy experiences, and happy people.


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