Amazingly spacious and easy to get along with - not just in the city, but also on long journeys: Skoda's fine new generation of Fabia.

It is usually not a good idea to switch from a car that is much larger and twice, actually three times as expensive, to the small one. But it turned out like this: from Skoda Kodiaq SUV to Skoda Fabia small car. The Skoda Kodiaq has been revised and updated; the fourth generation Skoda Fabia is entirely new.

A déjà vu in the cockpit: it all looks the same! The same graphic of the instruments, the same large central display for controlling the onboard system. The seats are great and properly dimensioned (you don't even believe what that makes you feel). If it weren't for the seating position on the ground floor instead of the mezzanine floor and the view without a long bonnet, you could imagine yourself in the same car for a few moments. You have to leave that as a compliment.

Because it is by no means cramped - the new Skoda Fabia makes the most of its dimensions, which are no longer so small: 4.1 meters in length, which corresponds to the still popular 4-Series Golf from 1997.

The fact that the Fabia jumped over the four-meter limit and immediately increased by eleven centimeters in length - and became noticeably wider - is due to its platform within the group with Polo and Seat Ibiza, among others.

The new Skoda Fabia is the one that has the most volume in its class. Its trunk has a capacity of 380 liters with upright backrests, and sitting in the rear is also easy for adults to do. But, of course, that should give some consolation over the fact that there will be no station wagon version of the new Fabia. He's her inherent.

Manual transmission? Gladly if it is like this. Smooth-running, but clean and defined, at the same time well-coordinated with the drive, in our case the one-liter turbo three-cylinder with 110 hp. A happy, lively engine that you can drive is sluggish to change gear because it can rear itself up from the lowest revs if you level the gas pedal. One hears very little from him; he also largely suppresses the typical three-cylinder creaking. If you keep him going, he develops a genuine gas heater attitude. Why shouldn't a small car be a rush?

Consumption remains at around six liters, with leeway in both directions. The optional 50-liter tank extends the range to over 900 kilometers, according to WLTP. Moreover, the basic version already looks good, from 19,500 euros in comfort and assistance. This is quite a bit for a small car, even if it has the same platform as Seat Ibiza and VW Polo. @via Skoda Fabia.


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