The Joint Energy and Transportation Office and Are Available to Assist States in Planning for the Deployment of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure.

The United States Departments of Transportation and Energy announced that nearly $5 billion would be made available through the new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program established by President Biden's Bipartisan Infrastructure Act to expand the nation's electric vehicle charging network. This act is critical in making electric car (EV) charging accessible to all Americans.

The initiative will offer approximately $5 billion in funding over five years to assist states in developing a network of EV charging stations along designated Alternative Fuel Corridors, most notably the Interstate Highway System. The total funding available to states under the NEVI Formula Program in Fiscal Year 2022 is $615 million. Before states receive this funding, they must submit an EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan. Later this year, a second competitive grant program will be launched to expand EV charging availability in areas around the country, including rural and underprivileged populations.

"We are updating America's national highway infrastructure to enable drivers in large and small cities, towns, and rural areas to reap the benefits of electric driving," stated US Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm. "The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act assists states in expanding access to electric car charging by establishing the essential infrastructure for drivers throughout America to save money and travel the distance, coast to coast."

"America pioneered the modern automobile age a century ago; today, America must lead the electric car revolution," US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stated. "The President's Bipartisan Infrastructure Act would assist us in winning the electric vehicle race by collaborating with states, unions, and the private sector to build a historic countrywide charging network that will make EV charging more accessible to more Americans."

The statement follows President Biden's declaration on EV production, as well as the White House Fact Sheet on preparations for this historic EV investment.

To be eligible for these new Bipartisan Infrastructure Act funds, each state is required to submit an EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan to the newly created Joint Office of Energy and Transportation that details how the state intends to use the money.

These initiatives are planned to expand on Alternative Fuel Corridors that have been recognized in virtually every state during the program's first six years. These corridors will serve as the backbone of the nation's new electric vehicle charging network. In addition, the Joint Office will play a critical role in the NEVI Formula Program's execution by providing direct technical assistance and support to states as they construct their plans before submission to the Federal Highway Administration, which administers the money.

"Americans need to understand that they can purchase an electric car and locate easy charging stations while traveling on Interstates and other important roads," said Stephanie Pollack, Deputy Federal Highway Administrator. "The new EV formula program will give states with the funding necessary to ensure that their inhabitants have dependable access to EV charging stations when traveling."


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