The Opel Combo is incredibly adaptable, with two lengths, many combinations, and cutting-edge technology. However, it is capable of much more — with the appropriate superstructures, conversions, and built-in components. For individual consumers or tradespeople, no wish goes unmet. That is why Opel, in collaboration with authorized professionals, is now launching a new program for Combo Life and Combo Cargo that includes customized extensions. Customers receive appropriate combination options for every occasion. You receive your ideal emergency car - rigorously evaluated by professionals and available straight from Opel dealers throughout Europe.

The need for specifically outfitted vehicles continues to grow. Vehicles specifically designed to carry those with limited mobility are in high demand. Additionally, conversions to refrigerated transporters for medications or food are critical. The Combo is an excellent choice for this. Opel collaborates with a select group of conversion and body specialists, including AMF-Bruns, Car Fibreglass, Focaccia, Gruau, Lamberet, Morice Constructeur, and Tripod Mobility ensure that any combination may be utilized independently by the client. Additionally, they benefit from Opel's expansive dealer network and a broad line of professional accessories.

Increased mobility: Opel Combo Life equipped with wheelchairs

Opel provides various modification options for the Combo Life, transforming it into an all-around wheelchair-friendly companion. This helps those with physical limitations' independence and quality of life. The 4.40-meter-long Combo Life is equally as appropriate for conversion as the 4.75-meter-long XL version; this flexibility is enabled, in part, by Groupe PSA's market-leading EMP2 platform, upon which the Combo is built. Both models can accommodate up to five passengers in addition to a wheelchair. Three-point belts with electrical and mechanical restraint mechanisms ensure that the wheelchair user travels at the same level of safety as the other passengers. Depending on the model type, the wheelchair "compartment" in the combination measures up to 1.50 meters in length, 1.50 meters in width, and 1.50 meters in height.

A manually adjustable ramp provides access to the vehicle at the rear. When the Combo Life arrives as a wheelchair vehicle with air suspension, the entire process becomes even more accessible and more comfortable. This lowers the car and shortens the distance between the car and the ground. In this example, the access ramp extends electrically and interacts with the back bumper.

Very excellent: Combo Cargo, the "International Van of the Year," as a refrigerated truck.

Europe is a significant market for refrigerated trucks. After all, fresh food should be available practically everywhere – and this requires reliable transportation that does not disrupt the cold chain. The same is true with medications. Additionally, they must be covered from heat and sunlight when traveling to the drugstore, doctor's office, or hospital. As a well-designed refrigerated vehicle, the Opel, "International Van of the Year," transports all commodities from the producer to the final consumer – and always dependably at the proper temperature.

Additionally, the Opel Combo Cargo is available as a refrigerated transporter in standard and XL lengths. It is available with two or three-row seats, two rear doors, and a sliding side door if needed. The refrigerator compartment has a capacity of 1.6 or 2.0 cubic meters.

The easy-to-clean isotherm cell of the chilly Opel Combo Cargo is made out of glass-reinforced polyester sandwich panels with a specific isotherm layer that also serves as an excellent seal for the rear doors. The transport cell has a height of 1.45 meters and a width of 1.25 meters (1.06 meters between the wheel arches). The non-slip floor of the LED-lit refrigerator compartment is 1.48 or 1.83 meters long, depending on the combination type.

Options such as the refrigeration system, a detachable intermediate floor, a lashing rail, and adjustable shelves enhance the Combo Cargo's refrigerated vehicle capabilities. Optionally, the sliding door may be opened from the inside; optional strip curtains guarantee that little cold escapes from the interior when the doors are opened for a brief while, ensuring that the specified temperature is maintained. In addition, Opel Combo Cargo's clients may always readily reach the spare wheel or attach a trailer hitch even when the car is chilled.

The full range of WLTP-certified engines offers optimal driving performance: The turbocharged, fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel engines currently comply with the stringent Euro 6d-TEMP emission criteria. On the transmission side, five or six-speed manual transmissions are employed with an optional, highly low-friction eight-speed automatic transmission for the first time in a combination.

The Opel Combo Life passenger car and the Opel Combo Cargo commercial vehicle variants include unmatched revolutionary technology and support systems. Additionally, specific variants are available with a mechanical locking differential, increased ground clearance, and underrun protection. The range of commercial vehicles is completed with several storage solutions. The various Opel Combo Cargo variations modules include functional drawers and bins that keep tools and work items organized and secure in their designated locations. Integrated and simple-to-use load-securing systems, for example, help to this by protecting the load compartment from flying pieces in the case of emergency braking.


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