Speeding around a race track at 60 mph is impressive, but bringing that pleasure to the city streets or the outskirts of the settlement creates its adrenaline rush. Taking a break from traditional bicycle design, Gaetano De Cicco's Prototype 0 offers creative wings in the form of a two-wheeled vehicle made for speed and pure joy of riding. If your memory serves you correctly, Gaetano is the same designer that came up with the bizarre notion of a faceless robotic pet dog.

This speedway racing bicycle designed for speed heads is known as Prototype 0. Its unibody construction stands out, focusing on drag reduction and aerodynamic optimization for maximum acceleration with the least amount of effort. The Prototype's ultra-slim shape aids in attaining the lowest possible aerodynamic drag, which is ideal for simple commuting. The bike is a fixie, a single-speed gear bicycle designed for urban riding and offers greater control. Expect it to be less capable on steep ascents or rough terrain, as it is primarily intended to be a racing machine on flat tarmac conditions. The presence of a giant gear shaft indicates that control will be the ride's strong suit.

While I imagine this bicycle to be more than a pure race track ride, it is perfectly tuned for a race track skirmish. Plus, the matte black color scheme is so Batcycle-worthy that I'm going to go so far as to name it the Batcycle of the cycling world. However, Gaetano's design fails to describe how this concept came to be. Several details, such as the retractable pedal design, are still unclear because they are visually there - with no explanation of how they orient in the vertical position when riding.


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