How we take care of our clothes is crucial to the environment. Part of the line is to try to wash less. Here are our top tips on how to make your clothes last longer!

Treat stains on clothes immediately.

Avoid using aggressive chemicals that can affect both humans and the environment. It usually works to pour boiling water on the stain as soon as possible.

Lower the washing temperature.

Usually, the washing thread on your garment indicates the maximum permissible temperature, but feel free to choose a lower one. It consumes about half as much energy per washing program in 40ºC as in 60ºC.

Stop using fabric softener.

Rinse aids can be both toxic, allergenic and contain preservatives that are difficult for nature to break down. Many of the substances cannot be taken care of by the treatment plants but go straight into our oceans. Rinse aid is small plastic particles, polymer, which settle on the fabric's surface. A gentler method to get fragrant laundry is to use a few drops of essential oil right down in the detergent compartment!

Fold and hang garments correctly.

Heavy garments are easily stretched and lose shape if they hang on a hanger for too long. They feel much better if they are allowed to lie folded.

Air your clothes instead of washing.

Since most of us today have access to a washing machine, we wash more than we have to! Test the air from time to time. It is better for the environment, the wallet, and the garment.

Freeze clothes to remove odors.

If the sweater, cloth shoes, or jeans smell bad, you can always put them in the freezer for a couple of hours. It removes both odors and bacteria. However, no more than one day!

Think before buying new clothes.

Think sustainability by investing in buying apparel of good quality that you can wear for several years to come. Then, even if you choose a garment with a higher price tag, the expense will be less in the long run. And last but not least, do not forget to repair your broken apparel with a needle and thread, and make your attire hang for a while longer!


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