Spring is knocking at the door. It's time to dump the winter clothes and move on. But the weather is deceptive, and it's hot, it's cold, you have to be prepared, not to be taken by surprise. I have some recommendations for cycling clothing from Decathlon, one of the largest network of sports stores.

I would start with what is worn directly on the skin. I wear a Van Rysel T-shirt, which I find super helpful. It is designed for cycling in hot weather because it evacuates sweat and dries quickly. That way, your skin stays dry in all circumstances. I also use it in winter; keeping your skin dry also keeps you warm. I looked on the Decathlon website, and they are all in stock.

Then don't forget about the cycling socks. Please choose any Decathlon clothing models; they are all good and have colors for all tastes. Moreover, about three models are also on sale.

The secret of cold-weather equipment, as it still is, is to dress in layers. You don't need thick clothes, but more layers. This is true for running, cycling, or any outdoor sports. So, a cycling t-shirt goes over the body top, and you even have a choice from Decathlon because the offer includes 45 models of cycling t-shirts and blouses. I really like the Van Rysel brand for cycling, but there are also some alternative options.

Well, we have a T-shirt and a blouse, we have to choose some cycling pants, and for this period I would go for long pants or shorts combined with some warmers. Apart from the fact that you must like the chosen model, I would put a selection criterion for the base. Try to focus on some cycling pants with a quality base, and it is essential for the comfort you will have on the bike, significantly if the training/walking sessions exceed one hour. Furthermore, some cycling tights struck me for cool weather, ideal for road cycling. 

I like simplicity, that's why I mainly chose dark-colored equipment, but Decathlon also offers rainbow colors, if that's what you want.

Let's not forget cycling gloves, especially since the body loses most of its heat. I would opt for long-fingered gloves. The RC 500 cycling gloves look like a mid-season cycling solution, ideal for cool weather. It ensures a light grip of the handlebars, thanks to the delicate material made of combed fleece, and the cuffs are high and pleasant to the touch for comfort. Take a look at the cycling collars, hoods, and cuffs section.

The resistance piece should be the cycling jacket. The choice must be based on what you want: something for the wind or something for the rain. There are over 60 products in this category, and diversity is welcome. I found the Van Rysel windbreaker nice. I picked a black one.

I hope I was helpful and gave you some good ideas.


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